LeBron James Has Been Battling A Sore Back This Season

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Turns out LeBron James is human after all as the reigning league MVP has been dealing with back troubles all season. 

You wouldn't know it if you looked at his numbers, as they have very slightly declined but are still MVP caliber numbers at 24.3 points a night, on 56 percent shooting and 7.7 helpers, and 5.5 boards, but James has been struggling with back pain and stiffness. 

Apparently, this has been an on-going issue for LBJ throughout his career, but it's never been something that has caused him to miss extensive time.  LeBron doesn't think this will cause him to miss action this time around, but it is something he need to constantly monitor.  


James has been dealing with lower back soreness for a couple of weeks, which explains why the NBA's four-time MVP has said multiple times in the early going of this season that he's working his way to 100 percent. He revealed specifics about the issue Thursday night after scoring 18 points to help the Miami Heat top the Los Angeles Clippers, 102-97.

"I've had a history of it, but I always keep a good eye on it so I should be all right," James said. "It ain't a great feeling, I'll tell you that - especially at nighttime when you're trying to sleep."





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