LeBron James Films Insane Heat Intro Video

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Back in August I made a post titled "LeBron James Insane Off Season Workout Will Surprise You," which featured LeBron James pulling an off road vehicle with his bare hands.  I'll admit, the title was a bit sensationalized to grab attention, but King James' actually "insane workout" is actually here now.  

The Miami Heat posted a behind the scenes look at LeBron filming a new intro video for the team.  

It features LeBron wearing what looks like 40 pounds of chains around his neck while doing tricep dips.  Then flipping over a giant tire while screaming.  Following that up he grabs the ropes while mean mugging into a camera.  LBJ completes the workout with a final scream into the camera.  Oh, and this all takes place in an industrial-looking basement with flames/fires going off in the background.  


Guess the Heat's team motto they're going to blast across the jumbotron at games is "Miami Heat, 3-Peat....AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" 

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