LeBron Gives Son Xbox Cake With NBA 2K14 On It

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As I'm sure you're fully aware of by now, LeBron James is the cover athlete for the wildly popular NBA 2K14.  In case his son had somehow not noticed, LeBron made it pretty obvious to him on his 9th birthday. 

Sunday was LeBron James Jr's birthday, and to commemorate it, King James had an Xbox shaped cake made, and atop the cake version of the gaming system was a cake version of NBA 2K14.  James posted a photo of his son's cake on Instagram along with the caption "Bronny Dope Xbox cake with that 2K14 #SwagCake#CakeCakeCake." The last hashtag looks more like a reference to the Rihanna-style "cake" then the tasty dessert.  

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