LeBron Feels He Has No Rival In The NBA

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Speaking about his biggest rivals in the league today, LeBron James says there is no one individual rival for him. 

Measuring the greatness of LeBron has shifted from putting him up against Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Paul Pierce, and is now about seeing how he stacks up against the all-time greatest players.  Asked about who he considers his chief rival these days, James doesn't mention Derrick Rose in the East, or Durant out West, and says that he once considered Pierce his toughest rival when he was on his quest for his first championship.  

Now, with the Heat making the Finals three straight years, and winning the past two, King James feels he's without an individual rival. 


So, who is James’ chief rival in the NBA at the moment? He isn’t viewing his career from that perspective anymore. There isn't another player at the moment on the same level as James, and he knows it. It's James and everyone else until further notice.

“It’s not just one guy,” James said. “I haven’t played against one individual for a long period of time — since basically it was me and Paul. Me and Paul, we had so many duels and almost every year we were going against Boston whether I was in Cleveland the last few years or Miami … So, I don’t know if there is one particular guy. There are some teams I believe are very competitive in both conferences, but it’s not just one guy.”




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