LeBron Calls Allen Iverson The "Pound For Pound Greatest Ever"

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LeBron James says that Allen Iverson is "pound for pound" the greatest to ever play in the NBA

There's been a lot of talk lately about LeBron James' place among the greatest of all-time.  While he says that Michael Jordan is the best ever in his eyes, King James admits he is striving to be considered the best to ever play

These conversations have sparked responses from the likes of Magic Johnson, and even Jordan himself.  Recently, when speaking about Allen Iverson - who will officially announce his retirement from the NBA at the beginning of this season - LBJ said that A.I. is "pound for pound the greatest player ever." 



This qualification of "pound for pound" is often used to describe great guards who didn't have the size to be in the echelon of the absolute greatest to ever play in the NBA, and what LeBron means here is that Ivy is just the best "little man" to ever play.  



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