Larry Sanders Disses Brandon Jennings As A Ball Hog

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The Detroit Pistons made some big signings this off season to hopefully complement their talented young front court of Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.  Signing Josh Smith to join them up front, and former Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings, the Pistons are looking to make a push for the playoffs after a lengthy absence. 

Known more for his scoring than his playmaking, Jennings spoke about the new big men he'll be playing with, and how excited he was.   Heaping praise on Drummond and Monroe, the new Pistons point guard mentions that he hasn't played with a skilled post player since Andrew Bogut was still with the Bucks.   From The HoopDoctors


“With the talent we have – we have two of the best young big men in the league right now, Drummond and Greg Monroe. You really don’t see that too much anymore,” he said after Tuesday’s workout. “That was the David Robinson-Tim Duncan era, when they were together. Now that we have two of ’em – and two young guys – I’m real excited to be able to play with those two.

“I haven’t been able to play with a guy who’s a post presence since Andrew Bogut, somebody you could throw it down to. Now that I have a post presence, and another guy like Josh, who can go get a bucket, Drummond, we can do pick and roll – just all type of options now.”

During media day, a reported asked Milwaukee Bucks talented big man, Larry Sanders, what he thought of Jennings sleight of the Bucks front court, and he threw it back at the shoot-happy guard, "He has to pass it to them first." 


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