Larry Bird Says Danny Granger Isn't a Hard Worker

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 Larry Bird insists that the Pacers are not looking to move Danny Granger, and he had a lot of nice things to say about the injury riddled forward. Despite the warm and fuzzy comments, Bird also addressed Granger's work ethic; 

“He doesn’t work hard enough (in the offseason),” Bird said. “He’s not a guy who’ll push himself to the brink like a lot of our guys do. He works hard but he doesn’t push himself. That’s why he starts slow every year and he just works his way back. Now this year, he’s been hurt, so it’s a different deal.”

The truth hurts, Danny. If Larry Bird says you don't work hard enough, you don't work hard enough. Plain and simple. They may not be willing to trade Granger now because of their salary commitments, but if Larry Legend doesn't like your work ethic, you won't be around for long.


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