Lamar Odom Says He Doesn't Have A Drug Problem & Talked To Khloe

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The ongoing Lamar Odom saga continues, as he was spotted by TMZ reporters as he was leaving a restaurant and he said he does not have a drug problem.

This comes after LO caught a DUI and then apparently checked himself into rehab, and then left rehab only a day later.   Reports were that his family, most notably his wife Khloe Kardashian, was worried about him. 

Asked by the reporters if he has a drug problem, and if he needs help, he just calmly said, “nah.” Responding to a question about playing this year, Odom said he’d be happy to play anywhere there are fans of his. 

As the reporter pressed on, and asked if he had spoken to Khloe, Lamar laughed saying, “that’s my wife, of course.”

The former Laker and Clipper does look to be doing well in this video, but the last time I said that, he was driving away and then booked for a DUI the next day.  Whatever is happening in his personal life, hopefully The Goods can sort it out and finish out with himself and his family.


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