Lamar Odom Pleads Not Guilty To DUI, Absent From Court

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This summer we caught word that not only had Lamar Odom been taking serious drugs, but his problem had escalated out of control.  Shortly after, Lamar was booked for a DUI after reportedly driving too slow on the highway and failing multiple field sobriety tests.  

Most recent report from Odom was that he was "battling demons," and dealing with this issue with his family.  Then a source revealed that Lamar had not been spending time with his family but was held up in a gated community with two younger women and smoking crack.  

A court hearing was held for his DUI, and the former Laker pled not guilty to the charges.  According to TMZ, LO was not present at the hearing and had his attorney enter the plea.  


Lamar Odom has just pled not guilty to DUI stemming from his arrest in August.

The former NBA star was not in court, but his lawyer, Rich Hutton, entered the plea on his behalf. [...]

A pretrial date has been set for next month. In the meantime, Lamar has been ordered to obey all laws.


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