Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Are Selling Their Mansion, Probably Getting Divorced

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The Lamar Odom saga continues as reports are that he and Khloe Kardashian are selling their home.  

As has been reported in several articles, Lamar has been struggling with substance abuse, and this had driven him and Khloe apart.  Although she has been supportive and wants to help him get on the right track reports say that Khloe wants a divorce and that one is in the works.  

LO was not present at a big family event when Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian, but the former Laker says he was invited and just didn't show because of prior engagements.  Odom and his wife have a pre-nup in place, and they both own the mansion, so selling this would be the major hurdle in dividing of assets should they end their marriage.  

After paying $3.95 million for the place in 2009 they are looking to sell the mansion for $4 million.  


Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Khloe has given several San Fernando Valley realtors a pocket listing -- meaning the house will not appear in the multiple listing service. It's being done on the down low. Any prospective buyer must pre-qualify before seeing the house, meaning they must have the dough to buy the crib.

We're told Khloe and Lamar want a cool $4 mil for the house. They paid $3.95 million in 2009.

Our sources say Khloe is the driving force behind the sale, telling realtors she wants to "start fresh and move on."

Check out the gallery above to see photos of the Odom-Kardashian Tarzana mansion from TMZ


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