Lakers Looking For Substantial Trade, May Involve Gasol

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There are many unanswered questions in Lakerland this season, as they are "rebuilding" of sorts with the departure of Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant's Achilles recovery.   Now it's being reported that Los Angeles is interested in making an impact with a trade. 

Until they get Kobe back healthy, or as healthy as he's going to be, and see how he, Steve Nash (the oldest player in the league), and Pau Gasol look, the Lakers won't really know what they have.  Some are saying they shouldn't be looking to win this season at all and aim for talent through the draft and then sign a big name free agent this summer. 

Sam Amico reports that the Lakers are looking to make a "substantial" trade, and are even floating Pau Gasol's name.  


One Eastern Conference executive told FOX Sports Ohio he’s heard from the Lakers recently, and word around the league is they may try to make a "substantial" trade before the regular season. Apparently, forward Pau Gasol remains far from untouchable.

In addition to perhaps making a trade involving Gasol, the team is trying to acquire another point guard as Nash is projected to only play around 20 minutes a night this season.  


Many NBA talent-evaluators feel as if Steve Nash is no longer capable of playing at a high level for more than 15-20 minutes game. The Lakers, it is believed, are on the lookout for a younger point guard who's a more potent scorer. But as everyone who deals in the trade market will tell you, that won't be so easy to obtain.

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