Lakers At Heat Tickets Listed For $1 Million

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Want to see the defending champion, Miami Heat take on the Los Angeles Lakers this season in L.A.'s sole visit to American Airlines Arena?  Well you better start playing the lottery, or working on a high profit yielding scam if you want to cop tickets.  

A listing of courtside seats on StubHub has the prices ranging in the $9,700 to $14,000 range, and two "exclusive" seats in the million dollar range - actually, $1,100,002.49 to be exact.  

The game takes place on January 24, 2014, and by that time the Lakers will have Kobe Bryant back, and it's always exciting to see King James clash with the Black Mamba.  This is obviously some sort of clerical error, or a StubHub user looking to cash-in huge on a poor sap that doesn't realize the tickets listed aren't even courtside but actually in section 124, which are the seats on the baseline behind courtside seating.  It's actually listed as Row 25, but hey maybe those seats offer a fantastic full spectral view of the action.   


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