Lakers & Clippers Show Interest In Signing Lamar Odom

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Finally, some positive Lamar Odom news as two of his former teams are interested in signing him. 

As you are certainly aware, Odom's name has been brought up countless times in the past few months as he reportedly was struggling with severe drug addiction, and at one time signed himself up for drug rehab.  He was also booked on a DUI after he was pulled over for driving too slow on a highway.  

Lamar had maintained that he was just going through some personal issues, but was not on drugs (crack, was the heavy drug he was rumored to be taking.)  He had meetings with some team officials in New York, but he failed to show after cancelling last minute.  All of this aside, both the Lakers and Clippers are showing preliminary interest in signing the former Sixth Man of the Year, provided he can prove that he is clear of all the personal turmoil which has surrounded him recently.   


Sources told that the Clippers and Lakers -- who both registered interest in signing Odom this past summer until his private life became a near-daily subject for the tabloid media -- will have renewed interest in the 33-year-old if he indeed makes a comeback this season.

Odom recently began training again with an eye toward making a return to the floor during the second half of the season, sources have said.

Sources stressed, though, that neither the Clippers nor the Lakers have had recent contact with Odom beyond calls inquiring about his personal welfare.


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