Kyrie Irving Tells Kid He Won't "Leave Like LeBron"

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After losing LeBron James to South Beach, the fans in Cleveland are understandably worried about losing their new franchise player, Kyrie Irving, to free agency.  This past summer a Cleveland area reporter said that inside sources told him that Irving wanted to leave the Cavs, which caused the Cavaliers point God to respond that he had no intentions of leaving.  

During a recent Q&A appearance, Kyrie was asked by a young Cavs fan if he was going to be leaving the LeBron did: “Are you going to leave us like LeBron left us?”

Irving smiled at the way the question was posed, and reaffirmed the young hoops fans that he's staying put: “That’s a great question...No, I won’t leave. I’m not leaving.”



This is the year the Cavaliers need to make some serious progress, and at least crack the Top 8 in the East.  A lot of that lies on the health of Anderson Varejao, and Andrew Bynum's creaky knees - plus Kyrie's own health.  Regardless, expect the point guard to sign a max extension with the Cavs as they can offer him the most money, so Irving is in Cleveland for the foreseeable future

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