Kyrie Irving Names Isiah Thomas In All-Time Top 5

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The latest player to chime in on his all-time best starting five is Kyrie Irving who has Isiah Thomas at point guard

LeBron James turned some heads when he left Magic Johnson off his greatest ever list in favor of Dr. J.  Speaking to Bleacher Report about the upcoming season, Kyrie Irving talked about who is the toughest point guard for him to guard (Tony Parker), and improving his defense this year.  

Asked to name his all-time starting five, which is different than Top 5 Greatest Players, Kyrie went guard heavy by naming Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, and Isiah Thomas.  


B/R: Who’s in your all-time starting five?

KI: Michael Jordan, Big O, Wilt Chamberlain, Isiah Thomas and Bill Russell.

B/R: You know, you’re one of the first guys to put Isiah Thomas in there. Is that a guy you’ve modeled any of your game after?

KI: Yeah, and like I said, we all have our biases and our favorite guys of all time. That’s how it all goes. We could argue Magic or other point guards, but Isiah, for me, is in my starting five.

Isiah was a great attacking point guard, and it's easy to see how Irving would hold him in such high esteem.  If he continues to improve, we may just mention the Cavs' point guard with Thomas one day along with Allen Iverson, as one of the greatest "little men" to play the game

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