Kyrie Irving On The Cover Of NBA Live 14, With New "Bounce Tech"

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NBA2K has been pushing their upcoming release with the reigning MVP on the cover, and utilizing his appearance in this year’s Finals as much as possible.  Looking to once again challenge the NBA2K franchise, EA sports is releasing NBA Live 14, and they recruited point guard sensation Kyrie Irving

The focus for the new NBA Live instalment will be their new “Bounce Tech” system where the ball will leave the players hands on every dribble.  Grabbing a guard with one of the best handles in the game was a natural fit to help promote the new technology.   The focus will be on players being able to reach new heights of creativity and strategy.

Can NBA Live and their “Bounce Tech” system make an impact, or will NBA2K continue to roll them.  A slightly intriguing sub-plot is how LeBron is on the cover of the powerhouse 2K series after leaving Cleveland and enjoying the spoils of being on championship defending Miami.  While the somewhat struggling Live franchise enlisted current Cavs star, Kyrie Irving, who is emblematic of the rise and effort of both his NBA team, and his video game NBA team.



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