Kobe's Mother Auctioning 2000 Championship Ring Gifted To Her

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Like most mother’s, Kobe Bryant’s mom was tired of holding onto all of her kid’s old stuff long after he had moved out.  Pam Bryant decided she wanted to sell some of Kobe’s things at auction and see if she can get some money for them. 

Problem is, most of this was valuable memorabilia that Kobe didn’t want sold.  The two ended up going to court over the matter and eventually settled the case.   Now Mrs. Bryant is selling some things online, including this 2000 championship ring on GoldinAuctions.com

It should be noted while the current bid at time of this writing was over $41,000, and the ring contains approximately 40 diamonds, this is not the ring issued to Kobe himself, but an exact replica he ordered from the team as a gift to his mother Pam.

If you have an extra $40,000 plus maybe you can throw in a bid on the mini-Bryant ring.  Description of the ring on the auction site reads:


“WORLD CHAMPIONS” encircles the perimeter around which 10 additional diamonds are inlaid, five on each side. On the left panel “Bryant” is engraved below which is the NBA logo and the Lakers regular season and post season records of “67-15” and “15-5”. Kobe’s number “8” completes the stunning design. The right panel features an approximately 1/2 caret stone dropping into a basketball hoop. “BLING BLING” is inscribed above the diamond and “2000” is engraved below the hoop. The inside of this colossal ring is engraved with “14K”. The ring shows light if any use and is in spectacular condition. Total weight of ring is 33 grams.

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