Kobe Says New Contract "Wasn't A Negotiation"

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This past off season, Kobe Bryant said he didn't intend to take a paycut from the Lakers when his contract was up.  This was viewed as posturing, as many assumed the highest paid player in the NBA would take a pay decrease in order to help the Lakers with cap room to bring big name free agents.  

Yesterday Kobe came to terms with the Lakers on a two year contract extension, and while he did take less money, it wasn't nearly as big of a cut as people had assumed.  

Turns out the two-year deal worth $48.5 million, wasn't from shrewd negotiating, but rather it was just what the team offered and Bryant accepted.  


“This was easy,” Bryant said on Monday night. “This wasn’t a negotiation. The Lakers made their offer with cap and building a great team in mind while still taking care of me as a player. I simply agreed to the offer.”


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