Kobe Says LA Will Be Clippers' City When He's "Dead & Gone"

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Kobe Bryant is very, oh so very, close to making his return for the Lakers.  Although he says he's out for their game Friday against Sacramento, he may return the following game.  

In a sit down interview with Gary Payton, the Black Mamba talks about his new two-year $48.5 million contract and how he felt it was fair, and that other players sometimes succumb to external pressures and accept less money. [Actually, he says, 'you can't capitulate' which is a great quote.] 

I think you have to have a balance of striking a deal that's good business sense for the athlete, and works well for both parties..keep me the highest paid player in the league and still have cap space 

You can't just capitulate for the reasons that the owners locked out the players in the first place to put in

This year the Clippers are expected to fight for a championship while people feel the Lakers will be battling just to make the Playoffs.  Gary Payton asks the question if L.A. will ever become the Clippers' city.  

One day, it may be the Clippers city one day. I'll be dead and gone by then. My kids', kids', kids', kids' probably be dead and gone by then. There's just too many banners to catch up to.

The interview finishes with Payton lobbing up some rapid fire questions, to which Kobe names himself the best scorer, smartest, and best all around player in the league. 


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