Kobe Says It's "Total Bulls**t" That People Are Attacking His New Contract

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Kobe Bryant has found himself on the defensive after signing a big two-year contract extension with the Lakers.

Many had expected Bean to take a substantial pay cut to free up cap space for impending free agents in the next couple seasons, and while he did take a decrease he'll still be the highest paid player in the league at $48.5 million over the next two seasons.  

The Lakers legend said he didn't hardball the team and just took the offer they gave him.  Speaking to Yahoo Sports, Kobe continued to defend himself and says it's "total bulls**t" that people think he doesn't care enough about winning because he took a big contract.  

“Most of us have aspirations for being businessmen when our playing careers are over,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports in a corridor of the Verizon Center. “But that starts now. You have to be able to wear both hats. You can’t sit up there and say, ‘Well, I’m going to take substantially less because there’s public pressure, because all of a sudden, if you don’t take less, you don’t give a crap about winning. That’s total bull—-.

“I’m very fortunate to be with an organization that understands how to take care of its players, and put a great team out on the floor. They’ve figured out how to do both.

The Black Mamba kept defending his contract and went on Twitter saying he doesn't feel bad taking additional money from billionaire owners. 



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