Kobe Says He's Fat & At Least 3 Weeks Away From Return

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Kobe Bryant has returned from Germany following his knee procedure and said his knees feel good, but the question Lakers fans to know the answer to is, "when will he return?"  

Speaking to the media, Bryant still has not given a timetable for his return, but did talk about what it will take before he can come back.  Since his injury, Kobe says he's let his diet go off the rails (read as: eating like a normal person) and feels he's become fat (again, NBA Fat, not real world fat.)  The Lakers guard feels it will take at least three weeks of intense conditioning until he's fully back in shape.  As of now, he's not at the point where he can workout that hard, but it's close.  


Bryant said Wednesday he still needs at least three weeks of strong conditioning before returning to the court. He won't start that phase until he is comfortable jumping.

"I won't feel like I have Bambi legs or anything like that where my mobility is limited," he said. [...]

"I've got to get my fat ass in shape. Six months of eating whatever the hell I want to eat and not running and stuff like that caught up to me a little bit," he said. "I can do it in about three weeks of rigorous conditioning. I have the green light now to do that. It's just the matter of having the flexibility and the strength to be able to run at high speeds out here on the court or on the track or whatever."

Basically, Kobe's saying he won't be ready for the season opener, and probably not for the first week or so.  Barring any setbacks, and there definitely could be some as he hasn't trained hard with jumping yet, Mamba will probably be ready a few weeks into the season, but really no one (including Bryant) knows.  


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