Kobe Posts Photo Of Knee Receiving Special Therapy

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Kobe Bryant recently left the Lakers to head over to Germany to get another round of platelet-rich plasma therapy, the "secret" knee procedure he has had before which Mamba claims is the key to his ability to play at a high clip at 35 years of age.   

As he's done through his rehab process with his Achilles, Bryant gave fans a look into his therapy on Instagram with the caption, "In case u were wondering..#germany #fyi," and a stitched photo of his knee receiving an injection and his knee getting some acupuncture.  



Completely unrelated, but equally as post-worthy, here's something Kobe posted a month back which is a collage of photos of him and his beautiful wife Vanessa looking gorgeous (shocking!) while celebrating KB's birthday.  At BallOverAll you come for the Kobe knee/injury updates, but stay for the Vanessa Bryant in bikini photos. 

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