Kobe Motivated By Newspaper Questioning His Future

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Kobe Bryant loves those that doubt him, and often uses this as fuel.  After many wrote him off following his devastating Achilles injury, the Black Mamba used that doubt as motivation to come back from that injury faster than any could have predicted.  

The Lakers legend doesn't "give a sh*t" that the team lost Dwight Howard this summer, and expects them to make a run.  With five championships under his belt, and countless accolades, Bryant is always searching for that next piece of motivation.  Last night he posted a photo of a newspaper headline on his Facebook page which read, "injury clouds the future for Bryant, Lakers - Superstar guard has surgery for ruptured Achilles tendon, and his career may never be the same."  

In the caption he wrote, "#cloudy? #eat."  This could be a subtle way of letting fans know he is ready to play.  While there is no exact timetable for his recovery at this point it is believed he will be ready early in the season, and there is still possible talks of him lacing up for the season opener. Whenever he does return, just don't expect Kobe Bryant to go gentle into that night. 

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