Kobe Bryant Says Michael Jordan Stole Moves Too

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Michael Jordan recently listed a few NBA legends he would have liked to play in his prime.  When asked who he would beat, he said no one could beat him, and half-joked that maybe Kobe Bryant could because he's stolen so many of MJ's moves.   The Lakers legend caught wind of this and tweeted that he had stolen Mike's moves, and that this is just the cycle of the history of basketball.  

Stopping by Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106, the Black Mamba was asked about "stealing" moves and said that he had taken some of Jordan's, but that Jordan in turn had stolen from Dr. J, David Thompson, and definitely Jerry West.  


I’m a student of the game, you know, so I know the history; I know where Michael’s moves came from,’ said Bryant about stealing moves. ‘I know they came from David Thompson. I know they came from Dr. J. I know they came from, in particular, Jerry West. So Michael didn’t invent the wheel. He stole a lot of moves from a lot of great players. I just so happened to steal some moves from him, and I just probably stole them better than anybody else has. You have to learn from the greats that came before you, that’s how it should be done.’ 

Speaking about the "cycle of copying moves," Bryant says he sees today's stars like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and James Harden, borrowing moves from him, and he likes what he sees.  


‘Most of these guys that I’m playing against grew up watching me. Whether it’s James Harden or Russell Westbrook or the Durants or the LeBrons of the world, you know, they grew up watching me. It’s an honor when I go against these guys and I see some of the similarities in the footwork — it’s good.’”


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