Kobe Bryant Responds To Disrespectful Ranking On Twitter

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Kobe Bryant reacts to the "disrespectful" pre-season rankings of him and the Lakers by changing his Twitter avatar. 

You had to know a response from Mamba was coming.  There were shockwaves sent through the NBA Twittersphere after ESPN ranked Kobe the 25th best player in the league. Plummeting down from 6th best the year before.  Even though he's recovering from a devastating injury, and still yet to hit the court, people acted as though this was disrespectful.  

His Lakers were also ranked fairly low, coming in at 12th in the West.  Bryant couldn't stay quiet for long and responded not with a thinly veiled tweet, as I had predicted, but by changing his avatar to "1225" - "12" for the Lakers ranking and "25" for his.  Bean has effectively put the league, and its pundits on notice. 

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