Kobe Bryant & Kevin Ware Made A Bet On Who Would Return First

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Last year during Louisville's title run in the NCAA tournament, guard Kevin Ware went down with what may be the worst injury you will see on a basketball court.  Breaking his leg, the bone was protruding out of his skin, which caused the nation to watch in terror, and make many doubt Ware would ever play basketball again.  

Amazingly, Kevin has made a full recovery and is back playing with Rick Pitino's team.  In an interview with ESPN, the Cardinals guard reveals that he had a recovery bet with Kobe Bryant.  Many people had reached out to Ware after seeing his injury, among them was Kobe. 

As you know, Black Mamba is recovering from a devastating injury himself as he ruptured his Achilles, so he and Ware made a gentleman's bet that whoever was the first to play in a game for their team, the other person would have to attend that game.  


"Kobe's one of those guys that, we actually made a bet.  Whoever will come back first, gotta come to each other's game.  So I gotta get in touch with him again so he can make it to a game."

Bryant is still recovering and there's no word on his return date, but speculation is that he's a couple weeks out, whereas Kevin Ware has played in a preseason game, and will be seeing court time soon.  He might not make it to Ware's first game back, but don't be surprised if you see Kobe attend a Louisville game to show love, and honor his bet. 


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