Knicks Owner Expects A Championship This Season

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The pressure is on for the New York Knicks who know they are in "win now" mode while they are competing in the competitive Eastern Conference, and now their owner has made it clear he not only wants them to win now, but expects it. 

With the emergence of the Indiana Pacers, the return of Derrick Rose, and the acquisitions out in Brooklyn, the top in the East is ultra competitive, and while other rivals have made big moves this off season, the Knicks have basically stood pat.  The team's franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, admitted this summer that he feels the team's window at a championship is open now but closing.  

Sources have revealed that owner James Dolan expects the team to bring home a championship, and not in the near future, but now. 


In a recent meeting with the coaching staff and some team executives, Dolan said he believes the Knicks have enough talent to win a title and that he expects them to do so this season, league sources with knowledge of the owner’s message during the meeting confirmed.

“He told them he believes they have enough talent to win it all,” one source said, “and he expects it to happen this year.”

The Knicks will have a tall task to even think about making it out of the East as they fell in 6 games to the Pacers last year, and that team has bolstered their lineup.  There's a lot of basketball left to be played this season, but as it stands now it's tough to image New York winning a best of 7 against the Heat, Pacers, or Bulls

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