Knicks Fan Goes On Legendary Rant After Blowout Loss

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As a Knicks fan, I couldn't have said it better myself. 10 straight minutes of pure, unadulterated fury. Buries his Knicks hat, stomps out his orange Nike shirt, changes his IPad background in a fit of rage, and throws his sneakers out the door because their Knicks colored.

If you don't have time for the full 10 minute chirade, the best quotes:

(2:15)- "I used to skip motherf***** church to come home on Sundays and watch these raggidy bastards play."

(3:00)- "Melo on down, NO HEART!"

(6:15)- "F*** everything about the Knicks, G"

(8:15)- "I been a Knicks fan since I came out the womb, and that's how they do me?!"

(8:40)- "Jeff [Van Gundy], keep commentating Jeff. Don't come back to this bullshit!"



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