Kings Close To Extension With DeMarcus Cousins

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The Sacramento Kings have brought on Shaquille O'Neal as a minority owner, and one of his key contributions to the franchise will be to mentor their talented big man DeMarcus Cousins.  

Now a source close to ESPN says that Cousins and the Kings are close to reaching a deal on a contract extension which will be finalized before the October 31 deadline.  It's rumored that DeMarcus wants something in the $80 million range much like John Wall and Paul George (who is close to signing) received. 


Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins is on course to see his contract extended before the Oct. 31 extension deadline for 2010 first-round picks, according to sources with knowledge of the talks. 

Two sources told that Cousins could actually have a deal wrapped up before the Kings open training camp next week in Santa Barbara, Calif. [...]

Cousins is said to be seeking a five-year max deal in the $80 million range that teams can award their designated franchise players, as already seen with Wall in Washington and soon to be repeated this week with George in Indiana.

It sounds as if the franchise wants Shaq to play a similar role to Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston with Dwight Howard, so expect the team to reach a deal soon.  

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