Kevin Seraphin's Pet Snake "Snakey" Has Escaped

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The Wizards' Kevin Seraphin is a fan of exotic pets, but he just might not be the best pet owner in the DC area.  During a media day with the team, Monumental's Casey Phillips asked Seraphin a seemingly innocuous question about his cleverly named pet snake "Snakey."  

Seraphin made a funny face and then came clean that he no longer has Snakey because the reptile escaped, and now the Washington Wizard has no idea where it is, "


“I don’t have Snakey anymore...One day I just [went to] the cage and he wasn’t there."

 “He escaped.  I did not lose it. He was in the cage and he just escaped.”

This isn't cause for alarm for Seraphin's neighbors as Snakey is a harmless milksnake, but it is cause for alarm for Kevin's other pets, as he may not be the most effective owner.


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