Kevin Durant Unfazed By His Scoring Streak

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Kevin Durant is on an unbelievable roll lately, scoring 30+ points in 9 straight games, and averaging 36.9 in his last 12. He is the talk of the NBA, everybody eagerly awaiting his next game.

Durant sees otherwise though, instead, pointing to scoring streaks by Kobe and MJ as more notable. 

“I’ve seen Kobe Bryant score 40 points in nine straight games,” Durant said. “Michael Jordan have 11 triple-doubles in 12 games. LeBron James have a month when he’s averaging 35 points. So those guys, that’s something to write home about.”

Durant's never been one to praise himself or blow anything out of proportion, but his run is certainly something special; he's just doing that whole humble thing that most NBA players don't know about.

When asked if his streak was 'anything to write home about,' the Slim Reaper replied, "No. Not at all." Just another day at the office.

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