[Update: Lawyer Says He's Innocent] Kendrick Perkins Charged With Punching Woman In The Face

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OKC Thunder big man enforcer, Kendrick Perkins, is in trouble with the law as he's being accused of assaulting a woman and her brother.  

Perkins and his brother-in-law Quincy Alpough are both charged in the case after a fender-bender outside a club in Houston.  The woman, Miketta Cotton, alleges that her brother, Ja'Keenan, was punched in the head by Perkins and shortly after she was punched in the face with a closed fist.  Alpough is being charged with elbowing another woman involved in the incident in the throat. 

All three people who claim to have been attacked say they were kicked by several others when they fell to the ground.  Originally this case was dismissed, but it has not been re-filed.  


Perkins, who is accused of punching a woman and her brother, posted a $1,000 bond Thursday morning. He was not seen at the team's practice Thursday afternoon. [...]

Alpough allegedly then exited the vehicle and pushed Cotton, stating, “That's my cousin.” Cotton's brother, Ja'Keenan Cotton, reportedly got out of his vehicle after seeing his sister being pushed. That's when Perkins allegedly punched him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. The report says Perkins then punched Miketta Cotton in the face with a closed fist, also causing her to fall down.



[UPDATE: Perkins' Attorney Says He Is Innocent] 

Kendrick Perkins attorny released a statement saying that Big Perk "did nothing wrong," and he's confident that this will show in court.  

“Kendrick Perkins did nothing wrong, and I am confident that he will be exonerated,” said Matt Hennessy of DeGuerin, Dickson, Hennessy & Ward. “my client takes these charges very seriously. He is a respectful and kind person and is anxious to address these charges for the sake of his family and his team. We will defend these allegations vigorously in court.”


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