Jordan Vs. LeBron Debate Leads To Stabbing At Pittsburgh Bar

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Do you think that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan was, or can eventually be better than Jordan? Think about your stance for a second, now decide if you would stab someone if they disagreed.

This is what happened at a bar in Baden Pa., as two men got in a heated sports argument. One of the men was wearing a LeBron jersey, and after an argument over LeBron versus Michael started to become heated he took exception with a Jordan-defender who was wearing a Penguins shirt.

A knife was pulled, as the man who was described as being intoxicated (I certainly hope so) became irate and employees tried to intervene to calm the situation down.


Michael Landeros and his nephew, Armando Encinas, were reportedly drinking at the Pittsburgh area establishment when they began engaging in heated arguments with fellow patrons. They debated whether LeBron James was better than Michael Jordan and expressed their distaste for the Steelers, Harmony Township police chief Jim Essek told WTAE, and Encinas began swinging a knife when police tried to defuse the situation.


"LeBron James or Michael Jordan, an argument started over who was a better basketball player because one of the guys had a LeBron James jersey on, and another patron had a Penguins shirt on, ultimately led to the Steelers, and these guys aren’t Steelers fans." [...]

"Bars owner, employee, and a patron, all ended up stabbed when police say, they started trying to calm things down."


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