Joakim Noah Goes For Triple Double, Regrets It

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 With the Bulls firmly ahead of the Celtics Thursday night, Joakim Noah was just 1 assist shy of his fourth career triple double. 

“I think probably, I don’t know, three minutes to go,” Noah said of when he learned that he was close to recording the triple-double. “It’s not really good to play basketball that way, where you’re focusing on your stats. It’s not that cool. But I tried to get it. Jimmy tried to force the shot at the end. It’s not a good look.”

Noah finished with 17 points, 11 boards, and 9 assists, despite his teammates efforts to help him get his 10th assist. 

“I told him, ‘If I was in the game, I would have got it for him.’ I kept yelling at him, but in that instance, guys don’t really look into that stuff,” Taj Gibson said. “Once I told him he had it, that’s when he looked up at it and he realized how close he was. That’s when Kirk tried to get him for him. Lu tried to get it for him before Coach took him out. Jimmy messed it up.”

It's definitely not a good look to try and miss a shot on purpose to grab a rebound in order to get a triple double. Ricky Davis did that years ago and almost got laid out for it.

In this instance though, Noah was merely passing the ball. I get that it's not a good look for him, and it seems selfish, but it's not like he was hoisting up threes. If the Celtics don't want him to get a triple double in their face, play some defense, this is the NBA.

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