Jennette McCurdy Explains Meeting Andre Drummond In Thoughtful Article

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Andre Drummond and Jennette McCurdy did what many people  are doing, they met online.  Only difference is they did it with an audience of millions.  After Drummond was openly making posts about his celebrity crush on the former iCarly star, she finally noticed.  The two exchanged some flirty tweets, and eventually met up

They later went on dates and posted photos, and videos, and were even caught by TMZ leaving a restaurant.  Wanting to address all the comments about her “falling in love over Twitter” McCurdy wrote a lengthy, well-written, thoughtful piece for the Wall Street Journal about not only her relationship with Andre, but how it’s a microcosm for internet dating as a whole. 

In it she depicts how she got to know the Pistons big man by exchanging numbers on Twitter, texting, Face Time-ing, and eventually meeting in person.  What’s admirable (and personally makes the Nickelodeon actress even more attractive to me) is that she dissects what it means to  not only meet someone online, but make constant social media posts – and how this affects our view on each other’s lives. 


A month and a half ago, I logged onto Twitter and saw my timeline clogged with people asking me to follow some account called “@DRE_DRUMMOND_.” Five tweets are easy to ignore; hundreds are not. Impressed by the amount of energy centered on this account, I of course had to click on it. [...]

I read the guy’s Wikipedia page… confronted by statistics and a bunch of basketball jargon, I gathered that he was gifted at basketball… and super, super tall. [...]

And judging by the amount of me-related posts he had shared, it seemed he had been expressing his crush on me for quite some time. I found it sweet, gutsy, and flattering. It’s hard not to be impressed by a boy who will express his feelings for you in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I followed him back on Twitter and sent him a public message. We had a brief banter and then he sent me a private message with his phone number. Inevitably, I utilized it. [...]

A few weeks after we started talking, Andre told me he was going to come visit California. I was excited. Then, as his visit crept closer, I began to feel a little unnerved. What if my fears of the overhype of cyberspace played out in my life? Granted, Andre and I had much more personal communication than the few flirty public tweets we would send each other every couple of days, but still. [...]

Overall, the Andre Drummond I got to know in person is the same person he projects online, but it’s important to remember that the image displayed through a screen is in fact just that – a display. [...]

Speaking to the time I spent getting to know Andre face to face, I can personally attest to the fact that the most prominent moments to me were those not chronicled. They were the little things that a camera can’t be whipped out fast enough to catch, the things too imperfect to be blasted out to the multitudes. [...]

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