Jason Terry Says Knicks Could Win Championship...At Rucker Park

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The rivalry between the Nets and the Knicks keeps heating up as both sides just can’t leave it alone.  Most recently, J.R. Smith said he was 100 percent sure the Knicks would win the championship which was met by a simple “lol” from Brooklyn’s (now smooth-faced) reserve big man Reggie Evans

Now, Jason Terry chimes in on Smith’s prediction, and agrees that New York can win the title...at the Rucker.


JT: They would win what? What did he guarantee? They would win what? I didn’t hear that.

Dime: The championship.
JT: They would win the championship?

Dime: Yeah, he said 100 percent guarantee.
JT: The NBA championship?

Dime: Yup.
JT: Right. Maybe the Rucker Park Championship. I don’t know, not the NBA championship. I don’t see how they could guarantee that, at all. I’m not buying it, so…

Jet goes on to say that while the rivalry for NYC dominance between the Nets and Knicks is heated, the rivalry out East goes through the three-time Eastern Conference champion, Miami Heat


The Brooklyn-New York rivalry is going to be even crazier this year but everybody knows to win a championship you have to go through the champs and Miami’s definitely on the target list.


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