Jason Terry Getting "Brooklyn All Day" Tattoo

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Jason Terry continues to rep for his new team, the Brooklyn Nets, even before playing a single minute for the team.  The scoring combo guard, who was traded to BK along with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, has already said that he feels the Nets will have the formula to beat the Heat, and even threw a jab at the Knicks. 

To show his loyalty to his new squad, the former Hawk, Maverick, and Celtic’s new tatt will read “BK All Day.” JET plans on revealing the tattoo on opening night where the Nets take on Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers



Known for his quick trigger off the bench, JT has developed an itchy trigger finger when it comes to getting tattoos of his team.  As you'll recall, while with the Celtics he got a tattoo of the C's leprechaun with the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

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