James Harden & Dwight Howard Weigh-In On The Durant v. Wade Beef

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A mild beef of sorts started up over the last couple days after Kevin Durant said in an interview that he believes James Harden is one of the Top 10 players in the NBA over the aging Dwyane Wade.  

This prompted Wade to respond with a note to KD, and then his Heat teammate Udonis Haslem weighed in.  Speaking to Comcast Sportsnet, Harden was asked if he thought the tension between the two was legitimate, or just hype.  The Beard believes it's real, and also adds that he is one of the Top 10 players in the league, and feels he proved it last year with Houston.  


Are they really having a social media battle? 
They are, they are.  That's how KD feels.  I mean, we'd been teammates for a couple of years now.  Obviously, I was coming off the bench so I didn't get as much credit as everyone else. 

How do you feel, are you a Top 10 player? 
For sure, I mean, last year I got a chance to prove it. 

Harden's newest teammate, Dwight Howard was asked the same question about the Twitter war, and he said he thinks it's real as well, but does not want his Rockets teammate to get involved.  

Dwyane Wade was also asked if this online feud was a hoax, and he said "no."  



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