Jalen Rose Thinks Michael Jordan Will Play One Game This Year

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Michael Jordan turned 50 years old this year, but showed he still has spry legs and can throw down.  Around this time a litany of asinine rumors started popping up all over the internet about MJ's possible return to the game.  Surely he couldn't dominate, but with his feel and knowledge of the game could Jordan contribute at an NBA level? 

During a Grantland podcast, Jalen Rose went out on a limb and said he thinks His Airness will lace up the Js for one game this season for the Charlotte Bobcats.  


"I’ll make a quick prediction for the Bobcats. Michael Jordan is coming out of retirement and playing one game this year.”

As an owner, Jay Z couldn't even represent NBA players, so I can't imagine the league allowing an owner to play.  This is just Jalen Rose doing his post-playing career ESPN thing, and dropping sensational soundbites for ratings/views/attention.  If you thought Mike returning for the Wizards in 2001 was an abomination, imagine him 12 years later wearing a Bobcats uniform.  Actually, don't imagine that, it will just ruin your day.  

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