Iman Shumpert Wears Kilts Now Because Of "Game Of Thrones"

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The subject of NBA Style has been one of interest the past week as New York City Fashion Week is underway.   New York Knick, Iman Shumpert has been on-hand for several events, even hanging out with Justin Bieber and Jeremy Scott at one show. 

Shump was a guest on the fashion show The Crossover, and he talked about his fashion sense and who in the NBA has style he’s a fan of.   Following in the lead of rappers like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, Iman says he’s been rocking a kilt – one that he designed himself, and claims it’s Game Of Thrones inspired.


I wore a kilt the other day.  I know it threw everybody off...I watch too much Game Of Thrones.

I designed it myself, it’s not a short one.  It’s long, and actually got a piece down the middle with pins on it and I can switch it up.

During Fashion Week, Russell Westbrook – he of many risks and chances – said he has the best style in the NBA.  While the Knicks guard doesn’t address that claim, he does say that some things Russ wears are not of his particular taste.


I’ve seen Russ with some stuff that I wouldn’t separates him, it makes him a different person than everybody else.  

See the full interview with Shumpert below, and check out Ball Over All's list of the NBA's Best Dressed

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