Iman Shumpert Unveils New Orange Knicks Jerseys - Accidentally

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The NBA is usually at the forefront of marketing their jerseys as they give team several road and retro looks, and have even rolled out the short-sleeve uniforms.  Sure, this is just marketing to boost sales, but it’s still dope to see teams rocking various looks. 

Being in a massive market the New York Knicks are always one of the best selling team jerseys and apparel, and it looks like they might be launching a new alternate jersey.  Posting a behind the scenes pic of a photoshoot on Instagram, Knicks guard Iman Shumpert showed off an all-orange New York jersey. 

Thing is, he quickly removed the pic – which Beyond The Buzzer grabbed a screen shot of – after posting which would indicate that he should not have posted the pic in the first place.  Usually teams prefer to call press conferences, and make official announcements when they introduce new uniforms. 

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