Howard Dominates Drummond, Drummond Thanks Him

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Dwight Howard went for 35 points, 19 boards, 5 assists, and 3 blocks in Saturday nights blowout over the Detroit Pistons. After the game, Pistons big man Andre Drummond thanked Dwight for the ass kicking;

 “I thanked him. I told him, ‘Thank you for teaching me something,’” Drummond said. “It was my first time playing him, it was definitely a learning experience for me.”

I suppose its refreshing to see a young, rising star to be humble and understand the situation. It certainly beats seeing guys walk of the court, or field, like a baby, sulking all the way to the locker room. Dez Bryant comes to mind.

Howard reciprocated with some high praise of Drummond; 

 “I think Andre is already strong. A big, strong boy,” Howard said. “For him, he’s got to continue to work and be patient. Everybody wants everything to happen now and that’s not the mindset you have to have in this league.” Howard has unofficially welcomed Drummond into the fraternity of big men in the NBA, a dwindling club at that. When Drummond thanked Howard for the lesson, Howard coolly replied: “Anytime.”


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