Horace Grant Says Jordan Would Average 45 Points In Today's NBA

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Lots of talk lately about comparing great players from different eras and who would win.  Michael Jordan let it be known that he'd beat anyone from any era, and some moron in a bar even pulled a knife while debating who was better between LeBron James and Jordan.  

Horace Grant was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune while in Rio De Janeiro as an NBA Ambassador and asked how his three-peat Bulls from 1991-1993 would stack up against the Miami Heat.  The former Bulls forward, said it's difficult to compare teams from different eras, but believes that with the rules in today's NBA, MJ would put up 45 a night. 


Asked if the Miami Heat could compete with his Bulls' teams, Grant smiled.  "We would’ve kicked their (butts)," he said.  Then Grant added a caveat.

"No, you can’t compare (eras)," he said. "The rules have changed so much from our days and the Heat’s days. It was more physical back then. Today you can run around without getting touched. Today, Michael Jordan would average about 45 points."

Scottie Pippen had said that he thought LeBron James was the best ever, and Grant came to the defense of Michael Jordan, and joked that Pip was not in his right mind when he said that.  


"Scottie was really drinking that day when he said that," Grant said, drawing laughter. "You can’t compare anybody to Michael. You can compare, but Michael is the best player I’ve ever seen or ever played against. Not taking anything away from Kobe (Bryant) or Lebron or Carmelo (Anthony) or even DRose, but wait until those guys get through playing. Then you can say compare the two careers."


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