Grizzlies Owner Challenges Michael Jordan & Mark Cuban To 1-on-1 For $1M

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The owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, Robert J. Pera has taken to Twitter to challenge more people to a game of one-on-one including Mark Cuban, and even Michael Jordan

Turns out I was way off with my analysis of Pera's game.  Last month he went on Twitter and challenged the Grizz' hard-nose defender, Tony Allen, to a game of one-on-one for $100,000 that would be donated to charity.  I was not familiar with Pera except that he was a billionaire, and at 35 years old is the youngest owner in the NBA.  

Originally, I thought this was nothing but a publicity stunt, between a player and an owner who was probably fairly athletic.  Now the Grizzlies owner has called out Mark Cuban to a game of ones for a million dollars, but says he'd handle the Mavs owner too easily, and wants to go up against the Bobcats owner, you know, Michael Jordan



As proof that he's not messing around, Pera posted a Youtube clip of him running some drills with the Memphis staff, and he looks like he can really hoop.  Even though he's 50 years old, you still have to favor the 6'6 Jordan over the Grizzlies owner, but I'd have to guess that he's probably right and he would beat Cuban fairly easily. 

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