Grading The Heat's Winstreak Video Bombs

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Bosh goes to a classic comedic go-to move and busts out the robot as it was performed by the masses in the early 80s.   Not much on originality, but the a 6'10 dude with lanky proportions performing the robot is still pretty solid.  

This earns a solid 3 out of 5 LeBron smirks. 

Feeling the need to toss a bomb on somebody else, James offers up this quick hand wave over Wade's face during his interview.  Zero for originality, but at least he did not linger and continue doing something unfunny until someone told him it was funny.  

He earns himself a modest 2 out of 5 LBJ smushy faces. 

Clearly reserving this for when Bosh would be getting interviewed, LeBron does his own version of the robot, and what makes this great is not that the beast of a man is doing this dance, but the face that James is making.  Low on originality, but high on execution.  

Akron's Finest earns himself 4 out of 5 Juicy James grins. 

What stands out about this one is how quickly it happens.  Much like LeBron's wave in Wade's face, this works because it is a quick hitter, but this gains points for originality as I don't think we've seen a player faux-punch a teammate being interviewed post game.  

Bosh earns himself 4 out of 5 silly scrunched LeBron faces. 

The first video bomb during the streak which contained all of the Big 3.  Earning points for Wade's suit, the involvement of all three players, and Bosh dropping an original bomb with the karate chop of the towel.  Unfortunately, the chop was not executed to perfection, and overall this video does not pack a whopping comedic punch.  Yet it's hard to ignore all the positives.  

Bosh, Wade, and James grab a stellar 4.5 out of 5 Oompa Loompa LeBron faces. 

By now you expect LeBron and Co. to pull off some sort of video bomb, but did you see this soon-to-be classic gif coming?  Combining the elements that work best from previous bombs, much like his game on the court, this bomb transcended others.  

James earns himself a perfect 5 out of 5 mushy LeBron faces. 

What has propelled the Heat from a very good offensive team capable of turning it on and off whenever they deem it necessary?  What is the secret behind their current win streak that has hit the staggering number of 27?  Sure LeBron’s play has been stellar, and everyone has been filling their roles from the fourth spot on the roster through down to the tenth, but the key to their continued sustained success could be somehow connected to their video bombs.

Chris Bosh has been humorously launching himself into his teammates’ post game celebratory interviews for awhile, and has upped his game during the streak.  Not happy with being the best player on the planet, LeBron has responded with some of the all-time best video bombs.  At times the “humor” the Heat employ has felt contrived, but a few of these have spawned some insta-classic gifs. 

Could this camaraderie be the key to their success?  Maybe in the locker room instead of drawing up advanced offensive schemes that feature constant motion, and defense that is predicated on help and positioning, the Heat’s Big 3 are mapping out how they will video bomb the next dude.   

Borrowing from the most recent video bomb, we've given each video bomb a grade out of 5 LeBron faces. 


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