GMs Pick Heat To 3-Peat & LeBron To Win MVP

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GMs around the league think the 2013-2014 season is going to be another big one for LeBron James and the Miami Heat as they picked the Heat to three-peat, and for LeBron to take MVP honors. 

The NBA polled the league's 30 general managers on 56 different questions, including Who Will Win the 2014 Championship, and Who Will Be the 2014 MVP.  Once again, it's King James and Miami leading the way in these major categories.  

What's interesting is that nearly 76% chose the Heat to win this year, which is up even more from last year's poll which had the Heat repeating at 70%.  It seems the GMs around the NBA aren't worried about the Champs experiencing any fatigue or complacency.   San Antonio received the second most votes, tied with Indiana, at 7%, so the GMs expect a Finals rematch.  


1. Miami -- 75.9%

2. Indiana and San Antonio -- 6.9%

Also receiving votes: Chicago, L.A. Clippers, Oklahoma City

Last year: Miami -- 70.0%

The GMs also don't feel there will be any "voter fatigue" when it comes to naming the league's Most Valuable Player, and think LeBron will three-peat as the NBA's best.  Kevin Durant came in second getting nearly a quarter of the votes, with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul both receiving votes as well. 


1. LeBron James, Miami -- 69.0%

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City -- 24.1%

Also receiving votes: Carmelo Anthony, New York; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers

Last year: LeBron James -- 66.7%

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