GMs Pick Durant As Best To Take Last Shot Over LeBron & Kobe

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GMs around the league favored Kevin Durant to talk the last shot with the game on the line.  Over Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

The GMs poll has LeBron James winning his third straight MVP, but if the game comes down to one last shot they want Durant taking it.   For the second year in a row they picked KD, and this year saw Kobe come in second followed by Carmelo Anthony, who was tied with LeBron.  

These are also the same players they picked as The Best at Creating Their Own Shot, so they just went with players they believed could make something happen with the game on the line.  

Clutch shooter, Ray Allen received some votes, as well as Dirk Nowitzki, and Chris Paul.  Surprisingly, Manu Ginobili made the list.  I say surprisingly not because Manu hasn't been Clutch through his career, but because of his diminishing skillset, and athletic ability. 


1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City -- 39.3%

2. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers -- 32.1%

3. Carmelo Anthony, New York; LeBron James, Miami -- 7.1%

Also receiving votes: Ray Allen, Miami; Manu Ginobili, San Antonio; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers

Last year: Kevin Durant -- 46.7%

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