Gilbert Arenas Accepts Sterling's Apology

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A half-hearted, insincere apology that did more harm than good has one former NBA player forgiving disgraced Clippers owner, Donald Sterling

Gilbert Arenas took to instagram, where he has been feverishly trolling Pacers' players Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson, to personally accept Donald Sterling's apology. This could just be Gilbert's attempt to stay in the conversation until he can attack another Pacers player, but his comments on Donald Sterling are worth noting nonetheless. 

He posted a picture of Donald Sterling with this caption; 

"I'll be the first to accept ur a man who's made a mistake or two in life I know how hard it is to look at your self in the mirror when you let so many ppl down but for anybody who can't and won't accept his apology u need to look in the mirror because were not perfect..forgiveness will destroy racism not more hatred."

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