George Karl Puts Carmelo On Blast, Says Can't Win Championships

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When Carmelo Anthony was the stand out player for the Denver Nuggets from when he was drafted in 2003 until he was traded to the Knicks in 2011, the team enjoyed some decent regular season success but that never translated to Playoff success.  

George Karl was Melo's coach for nearly six years, and was a big factor in Carmelo's development as a player.  Last year, Karl was unceremoniously sacked in Denver after leading the team to 57 wins, but a first round Playoff exit. 

Speaking about Anthony's team struggles with the Knicks this season, as they are still stuck on 3 wins, George Karl put the league's defending scoring champ on blast as someone who can put up good numbers, but not a player you can build a championship team with. 

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