Gary Payton Says Derrick Rose Can Win MVP & Bulls Win East

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The NBA is getting several stars back this season after losing them to injury last year, but the one people seem the most excited about is Derrick Rose.  Looking like his athletic old-self (perhaps even slightly more athletic,) the early reviews on Rose's return are positive and there's real talk about the Chicago Bulls contending in the East against the Miami Heat.  

One time Miami Heat player, Gary Payton, was on Fox Sports Live to talk about the Heat and the Bulls.  After saying that he believes LeBron will finish out his career in Miami in pursuit of more rings, Payton talked about Derrick Rose and the Bulls.  Impressed by how explosive he looks, GP thinks the Bulls have what it takes to overthrow the Heat out East and beat the Pacers.  Plus, the Sonics legend thinks Rose has returned to his 2011 form and will be in serious contention with King James for league MVP.  


When he left he was MVP, he knows this basketball team needs him.  And if he’s like that, the way he’s been playing the last two games, they can contend.  They can beat the Miami Heat [...]

[Can Rose contest for MVP?] easily easily...he’s gonna be right there competing with LeBron for MVP. 

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